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Baja Trip. Episode 8

February 28, 2019

Back north we went to the dread rough road. It was 3 miles of agony, bumping and chopping over the insanity that is this road. To add insult to injury, the three road workers cheerily waved us as we went by; and when we returned many hours later, apparently not a single iota of work had been done, and they cheerily waved us by….

But then the road got a lot, lot better, probably the best we’ve yet seen on the peninsula, with a speed limit of 110 kph.

Best still, we came over the brow of a hill and there was this magical view of a blue river and palm trees and green. Coming down the hill, we had a chance to take a few photos:

B shooting from one end of the pull out…

Purisima1…..and me shooting from the other


Notice the horse in the next shot?


On the way back, we took a side trip over to Las Barrancas. Not much going on here, just a little fishing


Another side trip was to San Miguel Comondu. Situated in a lush tropical canyon, it is a delightful  old village, with a church



And an unusual way to move a horse around


Then back through the terrible road works, and eventually, back to the hotel, only to then set out for groceries and Chinese take-out – yummee.

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