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2018 Rocky Mountain Trip part 1

July 6, 2018

Knowing what we know now, and looking back, this trip started out with so much promise, and delivered on much of that. It was only later that dark clouds loomed, metaphorically, at least.

But this episode covers the early, optimistic, part of the journey.

May 18, we set off east on Interstate 8 east towards Yuma, where we were set to spend the night with Lew, a retired San Diego motorcycle cop, who we’ve met a few times, and have grown to have warm affection. He has his yard set up to not only accommodate his own trailer, but that of visitors as well. We spent the extremely warm evening imbibing all sorts of weird alcoholic devices and eating great steaks and fixings. In the morning we took photos and made our gratefulness obvious (we hope!).

This is Lew with B…


And with me 🙂


Then we set off for White Tanks Regional Park near Phoenix, which was as hot as Hades. We stayed for a couple of nights, and researched our new hobby – finding CVS pharmacies which actually stock the Rx refills that B needs.

On and up (in elevation) to Fools Hollow campground in Show Low, AZ. Lovely location, but we hope they didn’t pay the folks who laid their roads. But at least it was relatively cool compared to Yuma and Phoenix.

Next was an amble through north eastern AZ and western New Mexico via El Malpais National Monument, to end up camping at a very utilitarian RV park in Milan, NM. The CVS pharmacy search continued.

From this point, we kinda followed the continental divide, and crossed it maybe 10 times, possibly more.

After a couple of nights in Milan, doing exceedingly interesting things like laundry, we set off north again, through extremely barren high country which seemed to have an extraordinarily high number of christian missions to first peoples.

Through Farmington, CO and Aztec, CO, we made our way to Vallecito Resort RV park, a little east of Durango. The wifi sucked mightily, but at least the owner was honest about it. But, this area is a delightful little out of the way place in Colorado, and we were happy to stay there.




We checked out Durango, especially to figure out whether it would be a good thing to take the train to Silverton, but the heat and ‘touristiness’ of the place made us feel less than enthusiastic.

So, after a couple of nights of Vallecitos Lake solitude, we set off on the ‘Million Dollar Highway’ north from Durango, through Silverton and Ouray, ending up in Montrose for a night. Oh my, what a trip! 5mph twisties, up and down and around and around.



Here’s the weird town of Ouray


We set off towards Denver, stopping at Elk Creek campground, which was great.


Next day we backtracked to Black Canyon of the Gunnison. I confess that my fear of heights overwhelmed me…



We mosied on over to Pagosa Springs, and holy moly there are some springs there…


On the way back, we spotted chimney rock, and spent a little time there:ChimneyRock2

After this we went way up high (12,000 feet) over the Rockies, north and east to an RV park in Wheatridge, near Denver, for the weekend to visit B’s brother.

Which was just wonderful.

So, then we broke loose and went north west to Estes Park. And Rocky Mountain National Park:




Next episode up in 3,2,1….

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