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Van Mods part 3

April 28, 2018

Well, after the freezing camping episode, I hied me to Home Depot and got some ‘batts’ of Rockwool insulation, persuaded pal Bruce to allow me to use his garage to empty out the van, take the shelves down, remove the side panels and install some insulation behind them.

Well, that is a huge improvement, if only in sound deadening, as we haven’t tried camping in it again, yet. There’s nothing to see, because the insulation is behind the panels, so no photos.

And yesterday, we took the van back to Commercial Van Interiors in Kearny Mesa, to have them install roof insulation and headlining.

They proposed using Reflectix Double Reflective Insulation, but when I dug down into the detail, it seemed that for this application, the insulation wasn’t too good, an ‘r’ value of just 2. Compromising, we had them install a double layer of the stuff.

So we got a double-double, as it were.

On top of, or under, that (depending on your perspective) they installed headlining, which is awesome.



Now, we’re almost ready to go camping in this van. What we’re waiting for is a roof access ladder to go on one of the rear doors. We already have a bike rack that will hang on the ladder.

So, come on So Cal Truck Accessories & Equipment in Santee, you’ve had our money for a while. Where’s our ladder! Grrrr!

Next up: a short trip to Rancho Jurupa Regional Park next week. After that, we’re ready to rock. AZ, CO, WY & MT, here we come.

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