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Lava Beds National Monument

June 26, 2017

Yesterday, we went West over the hills, through the small town of Bonanza, dropped down into California and the  Lava Beds National Monument, which is, in summary, lots of lava and lava tubes (caves).  It’s the remains of what was once the biggest of the Cascades volcanos. And it is in a beautiful setting overlooking the plains. It has a small campground which we would be very happy to stay in, too.

Lava Beds


The first cave we encountered resembled a pair of eyes


The next one was bigger and blacker and colder (and a little bit green)


Next was ‘Skull Cave’ – awesomely huge


Neat flowers and butterflies along the way


Here’s me climbing down into a cave


And here’s B looking down on me in the cave


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