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When Japan bombed the USA

May 16, 2017

So, we set off west to explore a bit hereabouts.

To Drews dam, which is the dam of the huge Drews reservoir; a cooperative effort by local farmers.

Then back to highway 140 west, and stopped for lunch in Bly, a small town. Probably needless to say, the little cafe/diner we visited was selling Trump merchandise. That’s the way it is around here.

Anyhow we discovered that, during the second world war, the Japanese had sent bombs aloft on balloons, and employing the jet stream, attempted to create havoc in the Pacific North West, hoping to cause forest fires and such.

This tactic wasn’t terribly effective, except in one case, where a Sunday School picnic outing was wiped out near Bly, Oregon. 6 folks died, including the wife of the local minister. Wikipedia

Here are a couple of photos:



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