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Just a little note

March 2, 2017

Just in case it isn’t clear – you gotta do it now.

There was an absolutely super guy, let’s call him Bill, principal person at our trailer storage place. He was so friendly, helpful, personable, ready to chew the cud, ready to lend out a tool, run a water hose or an electrical cable, or even ignore someone (us?) running water into storm drains after washing the trailer.

He adopted his daughter’s daughter when his daughter ran into drug problems. He continued to love his wife after her extravagance lost him his home in WA. He came down to San Diego, and worked for minimum wage at two jobs, just to keep things going.

Between them, his family had arranged a move to Palm Desert, and it went well. His adopted daughter (grand-daughter) previously home-schooled because of some vicious racism hereabouts, was beginning to do well there. He planned to retire there in a year.

His wife suffers from cancer, and is/was undergoing treatment.

And then he effing died, in his sleep, of a heart attack, on February 20th. Age 65.

And everything has come crashing down. His wife has had to miss treatments, and hasn’t enough cash to pay the mortuary. His buddy, a police sergeant, bought his his elderly F150 truck and newish motorcycle at premium prices to help out a bit.

Dunno if wife and daughter have enough income to pay the mortgage in Palm Desert. I’d guess not.

And think about the daughter, she’s about 16 and delightful. It looks like she’s about to be ‘abandoned’ by her second family, if her adoptive mother doesn’t survive without treatment.

Bill, at least, apparently had his affairs in order.

I cry. I grieve.

I’m not asking for donations.


Do it now.

That’s all I’ve got.

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