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Good company, good weather.

October 7, 2016

We set off from Myrtle Creek to go east on OR 227. Well, that was fun. Lazy turns and pastoral countryside whilst we followed the South Umpqua River east towards its source, but then, when we split from the river, it was twist and turn, twist and turn, to the summit, and an easy grade down to Hwy 62, and shortly thereafter, our destination, Joseph H. Stewart State Recreation Area.

Which is a very pretty campground, with lots of space between sites, and a view of the Lost Creek Reservoir:


It also has a bunch of trails, which we started out upon:


More importantly, there’s a bunch of fellow Lance Trailer users here this weekend for some brand based fellowship and it’s wonderful to see some faces that we haven’t seen for a while.

There’s a potluck tomorrow, and that will be great fun.

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