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Route 66 in Arizona

July 20, 2016

April 8, 2016.  We’d been on a photo shoot and previous journey, so we’ve pretty well seen Route 66 in Arizona and part of New Mexico.  So we stayed mostly on I-40 (which is coincident with Route 66 for a good part of its way).  So no pics for Arizona.  Instead, a tale of minor RV disaster.

We discovered last night that our shower was leaking water onto the RV floor.  Simon tried to investigate, and it seemed that a particular part might be leaking.  We called around and found a mobile RV service man who came out, investigated, and agreed that part needed to be replaced.  But this was Friday afternoon.  He would not be able to order the replacement until Monday.  😦

We were in Flagstaff, where we’d been several times.  So there wasn’t really anything new for us to do indoors.  The weather was cold, windy, and showery.  For us, unpleasant enough to keep us indoors.  (We were later told that was quite good weather for Flagstaff in April.  Normally, April is when Flagstaff weather has PMS.)  But we managed to get through Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning.

Monday afternoon we phoned the mobile service guy to check on the progress of the replacement part.  There wasn’t any!  >:-(  He wasn’t able to get the part from his suppliers.  He did, though, come back and reinvestigate.  This time he thought the shower floor itself was cracked, around the drain.  So he put a pad of plumber’s putty over it, hoping to seal it.

Here comes the cliffhanger … we couldn’t test it for 24 hours.  And we were NOT going to spend another night in Flagstaff!  So we drove away, hoping the repair would hold . . .

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