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The alert reader might have noticed . . .

June 30, 2013

The alert reader might have noticed that we recently have been talking about traveling in our Xterra.  Earlier in this blog, we were traveling in a Vanagon.

For two people camping, the Westfalia camper conversion has not yet been equaled!  We’ve even comfortably taken two-week trips.  And there are single people and even couples who live full-time in VW vans.

But a 1987 Vanagon is an old vehicle.  It’s not old enough that we could do roadside repairs, even if we had the tools or the roadside on which to do it.  But old enough that our mechanic has given up on trying to find parts and diagnosing its various geriatric ills.  The day we decided not to go to our favorite remote campground in case we got stuck there and needed some repair was the deciding factor.

Our next plan is a travel trailer.  In the foreseeable future, we’ll be getting to a situation where we can be traveling more extensively (that is, both of us retired).  So we started hunting ultra-light travel trailers.  The Lance 1575 is currently intriguing us …

We also hunted for, and found, our tow vehicle.  We didn’t want a pickup truck, and we didn’t want a behemoth.  And, off-road capability is a wanted asset.  The candidates were Jeep Liberty and Nissan Xterra.  Jeep Liberty is discontinued!  Ergo the Xterra.

But the trailer … we live in a condo.  We have no place to park or store a trailer!  We’ve been researching storage fees, which range anywhere from $50 to $$$$$$$.  For the cost of storage, could we just rent a trailer when we wanted to go out camping?  Turns out, not so easily.  It’s summer, and they’re in high demand.  They typically rent for a week at a time, rather than a night or a weekend.

Which brings us back to our Shake Out, Shake Down.

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