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Shake Out, Shake Down, Part II

June 25, 2013

Well, it turns out that we are carrying a whole pile of legacy stuff from the VW that we don’t really need, much of it heavy as heck.

We headed back home from Dos Picos, having slept well, and having been only grossly annoyed by the selfish wails of the 6 year old in the adjacent camping spot at 5:30 am. (Note to self, go where other people aren’t)

After a freshen up, we headed out to Cibbets Flat (http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/cleveland/recreation/camping-cabins/recarea/?recid=47426&actid=29). This is a delightful gem of a place in the Cleveland National Forest with  a creek (Kitchen Creek) running through it that, in our previous experience, never ran dry.

I was concerned that on such a lovely weekend, the campground would be full, but, as it turned out, we had very nearly the pick of the place. Here’s where we ended up:Image

Neat shady area 🙂

B. hauled a huge rock from an adjacent camp site to stop the ‘Little  Guy’ from rolling forward, and admonished me that I would have to put it back! Which I did, and it was heavy, brother.

Usual camping stuff followed, hot dogs for lunch and so on, and then Jill and John showed up. Ostensibly, John wanted to find out how all this ‘hook-up’ stuff for towing things works, but in reality, they were decompressing from a really truly terribly stressful week. As can be seen from the following:


After J & J left, we started a campfire, cooked steaks and had a couple of glasses of wine, and successfully watched a movie, using Bluetooth (yea).


The great thing is that the ‘Little Guy’ is a metal tent, no less, no more, and that’s the bad thing – what do you do on a rainy day?


It was fine and fun, but I don’t think that a $280 rental price for 3 nights is going to cut it compared to Motel 6. And I don’t think that a purchase price of $6,500 is going to cut it against the purchase price of a small Nomad (http://www.skylinerv.com/?q=node/97)


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