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Virgin Mobile refuses to give my money back

March 18, 2013

Long story short: We have $55 credit in our VM BroadBand2Go mifi account. This is the rump of a bunch of payments into that account via Best Buy gift cards turned into VM top-up cards. Ordinarily, we would say, ‘fine, we’ll use it when we need it’, but VM, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to drop the monthly plan that we are on (500mb per month at $20), in favour of its vastly overpriced alternatives. Apparently, we can be ‘grandfathered’ into the old plan by calling the VM support line, but as it takes 20-30 minutes to get to talk to a human (never mind the time it took to try, and fail, to deal with this issue), we decided that we wanted our money back rather than have to suffer that.

It turns out that VM has decided that the ‘color of money’ in our account is that of a credit from a Customer Service Rep (totally untrue), and that they won’t refund it.

To summarize: We deposit cash from our own funds into VM top-up cards, pay them into our VM account. VM changes the plans so that they are totally useless to us and then refuses to return our account balance.

Sir Richard Branson, I know you sold this POS company to Sprint, but it’s your name that’s still on it. Do you want your name to be associated with a band of corporate thugs?

Update: For anyone in the same situation. I managed to transfer my balance to a pal of mine with a VM mifi. It still sucks, but at least someone other than VM will benefit.

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