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October 20, 2010

It was *cold* this morning in Nebraska. Low 30’s, I’d estimate.

For a very long part of this route, we were driving along the Platte River (South Platte, I believe). Usually, we couldn’t see it. On occasion it came close enough to the road to provide some nice scenery.

We took the short cut to Greeley across Highway 14 in northeast Colorado to see the Pawnee National Grasslands. We expected to see some native prairie, undisturbed for lo these eons, but all we saw was typical agricultural activity.

Shrugging, we turned off to visit B’s sister and niece to spend a little with time them and see their ‘new’ (we hadn’t yet seen it) house.

We then drove down to Denver to rendezvous with B’s brother. He has a great apartment on the 24th floor in the middle of the city with the most magnificent views of the mountains and downtown. B’s brother treated us all to a superb meal at Cucina Colore.

Being in a large-ish city feels just so different after all the corn.

Now we’re in Idaho Springs, 7,500 feet elevation, up from about 2,500 feet when we started out today.

Tomorrow, we have some REALLY big hills to climb. There’s a storm coming in from the West, and we want to be well clear of 12,000 feet before that starts showing its face.

South Platte River
South Platte River
there are mountains way off there
there are mountains way off there
view from the 24th floor
view from the 24th floor
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