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Farmland. Flat.

October 19, 2010

Driving across Iowa. Farmland. Flat. Actually, there are some areas of lovely rolling hills surrounding the Des Moines River. And some Missouri-river caused areas of geological interest in the southwest corner.

Then, because we have long distances to cover, driving well into Nebraska. Farmland. Flat.

Here we are, at Lexington, Nebraska. Tonight for dinner we had New York steak (of course! we’re in Nebraska!).

Nebraska distinguishes itself from Iowa by having even.more.dust. We decided that the dust announces the movement of farm machinery along the road. Here’s the deal. The roads have an ‘extra’ lane on each side which is deliberately populated with dust. This is for agricultural (read slow) vehicles to use. So, when we can’t see anything, we naturally slow down and reduce the risk of damaging agricultural vehicles, which in this state are naturally more important than anything else.

Nice trains, though! đŸ™‚
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