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The dog ate my homework

October 14, 2010

Hey, I really did try to blog yesterday, but when I tried to upload a little video, the WordPress iPod client barfed and threw away all my meticulously hunt and peck ‘typed’ stuff.

So I thought, ‘screw it, I’ll wait ’til tomorrow when I can use the laptop.

Wednesday was a long day, starting out with big rivers, turning into winds, bowing out with rain.

I didn’t realize that St Louis was the confluence of the Missouri and the Mississippi. Long bridges over water. Ugh! I have a phobia about long bridges over water. I don’t know where that comes from, but there it is.

Then, from Missouri into Illinois. And gusty wind, for about 300 miles, hard work. And finally, east of Indianapolis, pouring rain, in the dark.

Not the best day. I stopped at Higginsville, Ohio, so that’s another state to add to the list.

However, a bright spot was a take out from ‘Steak and Shake’, which was remarkably good for it’s price.

A lot of driving on roads like this, today:

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