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Boyd’s Bears, you’ve completely lost your way!

August 16, 2010

Teddy bears are my totem.  Our condo is overflowing with them … really!  There’s not a free surface left that hasn’t been claimed by one of the b’loved guys!  Each one of them, some more than others, has given me comfort and solace during life’s small, medium and large trials.

How do I find them?  They wave to me.  While I’m living my life, and times are stressful, or even when they’re not so stressful, a bear will wave to me.  The bear is offering to come with me and give me something to hug and cuddle and relieve my stress, and something to smile at when life seems a bit grim. 

Last weekend, I was driving around your area, using a combination of my GPS, my map, and my route description to try to find an obscure place.  It wasn’t working and I was feeling fed up.  While riding around, I found myself in your Barn’s driveway.  “Ah!”, I sighed.  “At least I’ll find myself a teddy to share my frustration and enourage me to smile and enjoy and the rest of my weekend, and then to keep my other guys company in my overflowing condo.

So I looked.  I wandered.  I saw lots of costumed bears.  Special-occasion bears.  Collectible series bears.  They were all working hard at being the best in their genre.  But wait …

… I needed a comforting, consoling teddy bear!  Not a hard-working speciality bear.  So I headed for the Bear Factory, since there I might be able to construct a comfort bear.  First thing I saw on the Bear Factory counter was the poster all about the lanyard and the label and the photos and the hard hat … Wait, no!!!  I wasn’t looking for a tourist experience.  I was looking for a loving, loveable bear.

I roamed, I searched, I hunted for a Bear of Great Comfort.  I’m dismayed to report that as hard as I tried, I couldn’t find, in your entire huge Bear Barn, even one bear that waved out to me to simply offer me comfort. 

How sad! You’ve lost the entire essence of teddy bears.

Boyd’s Bears

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