September 14, 2013

ImageCorn is what (amongst other things, including a bell pepper similarly home grown)  we ate tonight. They tasted yummee, and only took about 70 days to mature from seedlings. The darn things are trying to push the roof off our raised bed garden.

In other news, my Nexus 4 developed a crack across the back of the phone: ImageI hadn’t dropped it on any hard surface, and it has always been in the ‘official’ bumper case. Anyhow, I shipped it back to LG in Texas, and just over 2 weeks later, a replacement phone arrived. It has to be noted that if it had been an Apple product, all I would have had to have done is take the faulty one to an Apple store and it would have been replaced and activated  there and then. But anyway, for the most part, the Google backup system works just fine and all my apps and data were restored in a couple of hours.

I like it. It’s nice to be positive about stuff 🙂

Categories: computery stuff, Gardening
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